January 29, 2011

So, I made it

I was stuck in Newark airport for a little over 24 hours, but managed to run into G Dogg at like 4am after not sleeping. I am extremely thankful for SATO travel, who organizes government transportation, they made what was a nightmare for lots of other people (waiting hours in line in order to reschedule) really simple (20 minute phone call and they got me a new ticket with a different airline that left the next day). Considering my arrival time, it took almost as long to go from Lesotho to America as it did to go from New Jersey to Miami.
The day before yesterday I arrived in Miami at ~9pm and ate some cuban food at a restaurant before catching some blessed sleep. I woke up the next morning and got on a plane to St. Lucia, drove through the country to where I'm staying now. I met a lot of interesting people thus far, and I'm working on the whole name thing. I did manage to get out for a run this morning, which was great despite sweating for more than an hour after I finished running. We had some introductory meetings this morning and are now free for the weekend. I just finished lunch and figured I'd upload some pictures and just let everyone know that I made it over here OK. I'm not really interested in writing well for this first post, so expect some more interesting writing later down the line.

OK the internet is not cooperating so now pictures at the moment.

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